The Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act) is the EU flagship legislation on the use of AI in Europe. 

This landmark legislation creates binding rules for AI systems placed on the EU market and will be directly applicable in EU member states. 

The AI rulebook was adopted in May 2024 and most provisions will be applicable two years following its entry into force, possibly around mid-2026.

Cullen International released a series of reports on the different aspects of the EU AI Act.

All you need to know about the new AI Act – Part 1: Scope

The AI Act establishes a risk-based approach for the regulation and governance of AI systems in the EU. It follows the logic of “the higher the risk, the stricter the rules”. 

General-purpose AI (GPAI) models are also part of the scope of the new regulation. The AI rulebook foresees a tailored and tiered framework for their use in the EU.

The first two reports analysing the AI Act cover the scope of the regulation with a particular focus on high-risk AI systems and GPAI models.

All you need to know about the new AI Act – Part 2: Obligations

The AI Act contains binding rules and obligations for key actors across the value chain of a high-risk AI system, as well as for providers of general-purpose AI (GPAI) models. 

Part 2 of our report series covers the core obligations of the main actors in the value chain of an AI system. It places an emphasis on providers and deployers of high-risk AI systems and general-purpose AI models. 

All you need to know about the new AI Act – Part 3: Governance & Enforcement

Several authorities at national and EU levels will be responsible for the governance and enforcement of the new EU AI rulebook. 

Part 3 of our report series places an emphasis on all the involved national and European bodies in charge of enforcing the new rules.

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